Monday, February 11, 2013

Questions for the ICC's CEO, from a Concerned Women's Cricket Fan

On twitter earlier, @sportdaggers indicated that TMS are attempting to get the ICC's CEO Dave Richardson on air to answer questions about the Women's World Cup. That prompted me to think about what exactly I would ask him if I had the opportunity. If there are question you would like added to the list, please let me know. Maybe we can even get some answers somewhere along the line.

On the World Cup so far:

Why was the BCCI able to move Women's World Cup matches from the Wankhede Stadium at such short notice? What steps will you take to ensure that this does not happen again at future women's tournaments?

Why has the tournament received such terrible publicity in India? Why has it been possible to be in India over the last month and not even be aware that the tournament is taking place?

Does it concern you that not all games have been televised, and that in some countries there has been almost no TV coverage?

Why has it been so difficult for some networks (notably the BBC) to broadcast matches from Cuttack?

What is the selection process for the umpires who stand in the Women's World Cup? Why are the same umpires not used for elite women's cricket as for elite men's cricket? Does the standard of umpiring so far in this tournament concern you?

In light of the fact that it is now probably advantageous for Australia to deliberately lose its Super Six game against the West Indies, will the ICC consider revising the tournament rules / structure in future?

On the ICC takeover of women's cricket:

How have you utilised the experience of the IWCC officials who ran the women's game up until 2005?

Does it concern you that there are so few women at the top levels of cricketing administration (for example, the BCCI has no women in senior positions)? How can the ICC act to improve female representation at this level? Is the ICC even bothered about this, given that very few women serve on its own Board of Directors or on any of its committees outside of the Women's Committee?
(Edit: Clare Connor (Chair of the ICC Women's Committee) sits on the ICC Cricket Committee and the ICC Development Committee.)

We often hear that the ICC has invested a lot financially in the women's game. Can you give exact figures? Where is the money going?

What steps has the ICC taken to ensure better media coverage of the women's game since 2005?

Overall what, if any, have been the benefits to the women's game since the ICC took over in 2005?

On the future of women's cricket:

Does it concern you that some national cricket boards invest so little in women's cricket? What steps will the ICC take to ensure that this is no longer permissible?

What will the ICC do to ensure better publicity for the women's game in future?

When, if ever, will the DRS be introduced in women's matches?

Miscellaneous (and mainly facetious):

Can you name a single female cricketer?

Please explain the Net Run Rate system in no more than 10 words.


  1. Why wasn't it an explicit condition of the broadcast rights that *ALL* matches be televised? Use 'em or lose 'em. (Even cut-down coverage - 3 fixed cameras - would be better than nothing.)

  2. Hmm the BCCI was able to move matches from Wankhede at a short notice because Brabourne stadium sits less than 100m away from Wankhede. Just search for Wankhede on google maps. You will see a stadium next to it. Entry is free and no tickets were printed.

    The women's world cup has got bad press due to political tensions between Pakistan and India and the issue about their women's team touring. Its the same reason Cuttack has been having problems. Because Pakistani matches were shifted from mumbai to cuttack and last minute.

    But i have been watching and a lot of people are turning up for the event. Its not as bad.

    Umpires have been terrible. I agree.

  3. I would ask one very simple question - Why is Women's cricket clearly not part of your strategy of growing the game around the world?

    1. I don't think that's entirely fair. The are running the tournaments (at a loss) and exposure is growing. My ten-year-old son knows the names of most of the England players - that says something, I think!

    2. @Syd...ICC is running the game at loss bcos of its own fault..if ICC plan to have Tournaments b/w Women Team when no Men Team Tournaments/Series are on fa that Specific Country then PPL will show more interest in watching these games out of curiosity..every1 wants 2 c how a Woman plays a so called Men game..If they give it proper publicity ,facility , then definately there ll come a time wen we ll have long queues to watch women cricket...some 6,000 ppl watched India vs Pak match in cuttack... So,there is no point in giving the excuse that women cricket is no fun nd nobody is interested..ICC nd concerned cricketing Boards shud drop off their sexist attitude nd serve their duty properly..

    3. Ragini - sorry - sometimes I think I need a standard disclaimer for all my WC posts! I am a genuine supporter of women's cricket. I go to games. I take my son. I harass SKY's Twitter account when the games aren't on the TV! So please don't take anything I say as criticism of the game in general which I love.

      So... anyways... yes - I think we broadly agree - I just meant that it wasn't *ENTIRELY* fair to suggest it was not *AT ALL* part of the ICC's strategy. I certainly agree that the game could be better promoted/ marketed without spending any more money, which would potentially make it genuinely profitable.


  4. Is there going to be a future tours program implemented to ensure all teams get games? Will there be an effort to play more test matches?