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Welcome to the womenincricket blog. I'm a feminist historian and a cricket-obsessive and I don't reckon there's too many of us around. The blog is intended to share interesting information from my research into the history of women's cricket with the world, and hopefully provide a little bit of historical perspective on current developments within the women's game. Being a feminist, I also have strong opinions regarding certain aspects of the cricketing world, which in some ways is still incredibly misogynistic. It's got a lot better since women's cricket properly kicked off back in 1926, but I still think cricket could sometimes do with a bit of a kick up the backside from its female fans. Hopefully this blog will do its own little bit towards that.

There may also be the odd opinionated rant on any aspect of men's or women's cricket which catches my attention.


Q: Why am I researching the history of women's cricket?

A: When I was a history undergraduate in Oxford I was hit in the face with a cricket ball (fortunately I didn't lose any teeth). I was subsequently late for a meeting with my dissertation supervisor, who discovered that I played for my college women's team and wanted to know if I had done any research into the history of women's cricket. So I went off and tried to read about it and couldn't, because next to no one had written anything about it. Reams and reams of volumes of cricket history and barely a single mention of a woman. My PhD project was born from that day.

Q: How did I become obsessed with cricket?

A: I've loved cricket since I was about 10 years old. After years of being subjected to "just one more over" by my dad, I finally succumbed and decided to start loving it properly. Fortunately, being an England fan, I missed most of the '90s and skipped straight onto the Hussain era when the men's team finally started winning the odd Test.

Naturally, I'm now also a big fan of the women's game. More about that in the blog, of course.

Q: Favourite England women cricketers?

From the current squad - Jenny Gunn.

From history - Molly Hide (England captain in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, described as the female Bradman. Wish I'd seen her bat.)

Q: Do I play?

Yes, occasionally I bat a little, and I love it - but I'm atrocious.

Enjoy the blog!

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  1. Raf, I'm running a Cricket Blogger Survey and am visiting to give you a nudge to take part. 20 questions, 10 minutes (or more if you get drawn in by the open questions). Would be great if you could participate. Thanks, Chris